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Cherry Creek Plaza II, Suite 1100 650 So. Cherry St. Denver, CO 80246 (Ample and Free Parking) JOHN M. HUMPHREYS A FULL SERVICE CHRISTIAN LAW OFFICE OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE 303-393-0800 Divorce / Custody / Mediation Personal Injury Due to Accident Social Security Disability Estate Planning Wills / Trusts Medical Powers of Attorney Medicare / Medicaid Elder Law If You're Thinking About Getting a Living Trust or Already Have One, You Need to Know Why... Many Living Trusts Fail! As a homeowner, you probably should have a Living Trust to protect your assets for your loved ones. But before you get a Trust, you shouuld know that all trusts do no protect your assets equally and do not work as intended when the time comes! Your Living Trust should do all it can to: Protect your beneficiaries from losing their inheritance to divorce, lawsuits, creditors, and other claims! Specifically address the different needs of each of your loved ones now - and adjust to their changing needs after you're gone! (Such as unexpected illness, disability, or alcohol problems!) Protect your IRAs and retirement plans which, over time, will likely grow to become the largest assets you leave behind! Comply with HIPAA!! Otherwise your loved ones may be forced into the expense and delays of a court process if you become ill or disabled. Provide you with an "Owner's Manual" and an ongoing "Maintenance Plan" Many Living Trusts Fail! The Sommers Law Group has focused on Estate Planning for over 23 years. It's no coincidence that many families have turned to us to set up their trust or upgrade their original trust when they wanted greater asset protection for their loved ones! Call our office for a free consultation. 303-984-9900 MENTION THIS AD TO RECEIVE $800 OFF YOUR ESTATE PLAN The Sommers Law Group, LLC 10/2016 Sommers Law Group, LLC

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