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Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, Denver Meto Area Churches just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. ~Ephesians 4:32 COMMUNITY, CONT. EVANGELICAL EVANGELICAL FREE, EVANGELICAL FREE - COVENANT COVENANT, CONT. CONT. SOUTHERN BAPTIST ROCKLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH APPLEWOOD GRACE COVENANT HARVEST COMMUNITY THE GATHERING - A 17 S. Mount Vernon Country COMMUNITY CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH COMMUNITY CHURCH Club Rd., Golden, CO 80401 12930 W. 32nd Ave. 10101 W. Mississippi Ave. Meeting at Summit Elem. IN THORNTON Golden, CO 80401 Lakewood, CO 80226 School, 18201 E. Quincy 11989 St. Paul St. Pastor: Jim Gribnitz Ave., Aurora, CO 80015 Thornton, CO 80233 Sun. Worship: 8:30 & 10am Pastor: Guy McCaslin Pastor: Larry Linsenmaier 303-526-0668 Sun. Worship: 9:30am Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:45am Pastor: Jake Fierbery Pastor: Clayton Pruett Sun. Worship: 9:30am 303-424-3817 303-988-7505 Sun. Worship: 10am CONVERGE 720-663-8113 303-451-7777 WORLDWIDE (BGC) ARVADA COVENANT EVANGELICAL FREE IGLESIA VIDA NUEVA CHURCH FOURSQUARE ASPEN RIDGE CHURCH 5555 Ward Rd. BETHANY EVANGELICAL PARA DENVER GOSPEL 27154 N. Turkey Creek Rd. Arvada, CO 80002 FREE CHURCH Evergreen, CO 80439 Pastor: Francisco Mendez 6240 S. Broadway LIVING WAY Pastor: John Martz CENTENNIAL Campus: Centennial, CO 80121 FELLOWSHIP Sat. Worship: 6pm Sun. Worship & Sun. 6240 S. Broadway 345 E. Wildcat Reserve Sun. Worship & Classes (All School: 9 & 10:45am Centennial, CO 80121 Sun. School & Adult Bible Pkwy., Highlands Ranch, Ages): 9 &10:45 Dom. Servicio: 10:45am & 303-422-1235 Classes: 9am CO 80126 1pm 303-674-4312 Sun. Worship: 10:45am LONGMONT Campus: CASTLE OAKS EVANG. 303-798-8419 Pastor: Peter Henderson 2415 Lake Park Dr. COVENANT Spanish Church: COVENANT CHURCH Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:30am Longmont, CO 80503 Vida Nueva Iglesia: 826 Park St. 303-797-7076 Dom. Servicio: 5:30pm CHRIST COMMUNITY Pastor: Francisco Mendez Castle Rock, CO 80108 720-936-2365 Dom. Servicio: 12:45pm COVENANT CHURCH RIVER OF LIFE CHURCH Pastor: Paul Lessard 6757 Simms St. 720-936-2365 8690 W. Jewell Ave. Sun. Worship: 10am NEW LIFE COMMUNITY Arvada, CO 80004 Lakewood, CO 80232 303-688-4060 CHURCH CALVARY CHURCH Pastor: Dave Scherrer 17690 E. Iliff Ave. 12700 Sheridan Blvd. Pastor: Norman E. Moon Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:30am Aurora, CO 80013 Broomfield, CO 80020 CENTENNIAL COVENANT Sun. Worship & Children's 303-467-2020 Ministry: 10:30am CHURCH Pastor: Steve Kalb 401 W. Mineral Ave. 303-788-0960 Sun. Worship: 9:30am Pastor: Jeff Noble EVANGELICAL Littleton, CO 80120 Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:45am Sun. Kids at Calvary: 10am FREE METHODIST International Worship: Pastor: Steve Thulson 303-466-9750 GRACE CHURCH AURORA Please visit our website 19001 E. Jefferson Dr. Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:30am LIVING TOWER CHURCH or call for the following Sun. Connection Classes Aurora, CO 80013 FAITH EVANGELICAL 18821 E. 22nd Pl. services: African American, (All Ages): 8 & 9am FREE CHURCH Aurora, CO 80011 Filipino-American, Hispanic. Pastor: Larry Hoskins 303-797-2344 7595 Louviers Blvd. Sun. School: 9:30am 303-368-7567 Louviers, CO 80131 Senior Pastor: Tommy Sun. Worship: 10:40am Dennis COLORADO RIDGE 303-693-5900 RED ROCKS Sun. School: 9:15am Pastor: Scott Tibbetts CHURCH Sun. School: 9:30am Sun. Worship: 10:30am FELLOWSHIP Meeting At The Academy LIVING GRACE Sun. Worship: 10:30am 11195 W. Belleview Ave. Charter School, 303-340-2543 Littleton, CO 80127 11800 Lowell Blvd. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 303-791-7595 11700 W. 80th Ave. Westminster, CO 80031 MEADOWOOD CHURCH Pastor: Jack McCullough Arvada, CO 80004 16051 E. Dartmouth Ave. FELLOWSHIP Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:30am Pastor: Vann Trapp Aurora, CO 80013 COMMUNITY CHURCH Sun. Christian Ed.: 9am Sun. Worship: 9:30am Pastor: Mark McCulley 6263 S. Parker Rd. Sun. Worship: 1pm 303-973-1072 720-287-2818 Pastor: Michael Spottsville Centennial, CO 80016 303-872-5154 Sun. Worship: 10am FELLOWSHIP COVENANT SOUTHERN GABLES 303-690-2277 Pastor: Rick John WELLSPRING Sun. Worship & Sun. CHURCH School: 9 & 10:30am COMMUNITY CHURCH 5615 W. 64th Ave. 4001 S. Wadsworth Blvd. RIVER CHURCH Arvada, CO 80003 220 S. Yarrow St. 1072 Chambers Ct. Littleton, CO 80123 303-699-1110 Aurora, CO 80011 Lakewood, CO 80226 Interim Pastor: Curt Vogt He is before all things, Pastor: Jeff Daley Pastor: Michael Morgan Sun. Worship & Sun. Pastor: Jeff Baxter and in him all things hold Sun. Worship: 10:30am School: 10:30am School: 9 & 10:40am Sun. Worship: 9 & 10:30am together. ~COL. 1:17 720-530-9556 303-420-6292 303-986-1527 303-233-3430

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