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Kind Dentistry , LLC Kimberly A. Kind-Bauer, D.D.S. Anna L. Kirchner, D.D.S. Pleasant Valley Professional Center 4445 Taylor Avenue Racine, Wisconsin 53405 (Located just 1/2 mile south of Regency Mall) 262-554-1600 SEE AD ON INSERT B New Patients Welcome Comprehensive Dental Care Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry / Smile Enhancement Delta Dental Premier Network Provider Experience the Beauty of a Kind Smile" Since the creations the world Gods invisible qualities, his eternal power, and divine nature have been clearly seen , being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:20 Carl F. Erck, DDS 262-781-5667 Treating Smiles with a Smile" Orthodontics / Orthopedics / TMJ Single Tooth Anesthesia Cosmetics & Whitening One Appointment Crowns Emergencies Seen At Once 13620 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield SEE AD ON INSERT PAGE B Debra S. Palmer, D.D.S. Tiffany J. Smalkoski, D.D.S. FELL E FELL ELL FELL ELL L LL L LL FELL EL FEL LL FELL EL FELL E LOW O O OW O W OW O O OW O OW W OW O W O O OW OW O OW OW O O OW W OW O O F AM AM F AM AM F AM A F AM AM M F AM F A F AM A F A F AM F ERIC RIC ERIC RIC C RIC ERIC RIC C ERIC RIC ERIC E ER RIC E C RIC ERIC RIC ERIC C ER E I E AN AN C A AN AN C AN AN C AN AN C AN AN C N C N C A AN N OL OLLE OLL OLLE OLL OLLE O OL L OLLE OLL OLLE LLE LE OLLE OLL OLLE O OLLE EGE O GE G GE E E O GE O G GE GE O E GE O E GE O O GE O E O GE O GE O O G F DE DE D DE F DE DE E F DE DE F D F F DE DE D F F DE F DE ENTIS N NTIS IS NTIS NTIS T NT NTIS I NTIS NT T N NTIS N TRY TR TRY RY TRY R TRY TR TRY TR RY T MEMB MEM MEMB MB M MEMB MB MEM MEMB M ME MEMB ME EMB MB MEMB ME MEMB EMB MEMB M MB M MBER O ER ER O R O O ER ER O R O ER O R O ER O R O R ER E ER R ER E ER E F AC F F AC AC F AC C F AC A F AC F F AC AC CADEM A ADEM ADE ADEM ADE ADEM ADE ADEM AD A ADEM DEM ADEM A ADEM ADEM EM DEM M ADEM M DEM ADEM EM M D DEM M A MY OF O Y OF O Y OF Y O Y OF O Y OF Y O Y OF Y Y O Y OF Y OF Y O Y O GEN GE GEN E GEN EN N GEN GEN N G NERAL ERA ERAL ERA ER RAL ERAL R ERAL RA ER DEN D DEN D DEN N EN N E TIS T TIST TI TIS IS TIST T T TIST ST I T TI T RY Y RY Y RY R RY R RY R RY RY R Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry NEW PATIENTS WELCOME 262-554-9055 4425 Taylor Avenue Racine, WI 53405 Creating Beautiful Smiles , S.C. Gentle, Caring Dentistry With Personal Attention

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