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6 INSERT D FRIDAYS 2A CW18 OVERCOMERS MEDIA If JESUS CHRIST is your LORD come share your testimony on TV! Churches: Reach those that need to hear the message by supporting us monthly! Studio time included! Businesses: Help us get the WORD out and let us help you by doing video promos & building your app! Studio time? Video of event? See you at the Appointed Time! 414.554.5457 JUBILEE JAMES B. Mon. 8pm Current Project 1,632 Acre Arizona ORO GOLD MINE Net $2.49 Billion in GOLD * Investing in multiple properties for extracting and refining gold, silver and other precious metals. (with the main focus on gold) * Assay & Gravity Concentration Testing Of Our Mine Showed Extraction Cost Of $300 To Make An Ounce of GOLD Bullion, MAJOR PROFIT! OUR MINE HAS BEEN DRILL CORE VERIFIED & GOVERNMENT TESTED! ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY - CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET YOUR SHARE! 888-713-3536 * for testing data go to: Gold Bullion Mined for $300 an Ounce Delivered To Your Door! INVEST your money into something REAL!" LET ALL THAT I AM Praise Psalm 103 : 2 May I never forget THE GOOD THINGS HE DOES FOR ME THE LORD

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