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9550 No. 90th St., #10, Scottsdale, AZ 480.860.1140 or AN OLD WORLD COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE Trained Technicians Factory Matched Finishes Detailing Services Free Estimates Towing Available All Insurances Accepted Lifetime Warranty SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Current Project 1,632 Acre Arizona ORO GOLD MINE Net $2.49 Billion in GOLD * Investing in multiple properties for extracting and refining gold, silver and other precious metals. (with the main focus on gold) * Assay & Gravity Concentration Testing Of Our Mine Showed Extraction Cost Of $300 To Make An Ounce of GOLD Bullion, MAJOR PROFIT! OUR MINE HAS BEEN DRILL CORE VERIFIED & GOVERNMENT TESTED! CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET YOUR SHARE! 888-713-3536 * for testing data go to: Gold Bullion Mined for $300 an Ounce Delivered To Your Door! "INVEST your money into something REAL!"

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